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Travel packages for Interpaso

Are you vising from Colombia? Puerto Rico? USA?
Together with TravelStore Aruba, OCA is pleased to offer the following packages for Interpaso 2016:

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Interpaso Hotel Specials

Once again Divi Resorts has partnered with OCA to offer guests of Interpaso special rates for this event. Please refer to below for overview of rates offered at the different Divi Hotels.

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In order to make a reservation, please refer to following attachment for instructions:

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Interpaso 2016 Schedule

With Interpaso 2016 less than 3 months away, be pending as more information is released over the upcoming weeks.

The schedule of events for Interpaso is as follows:

Thursday November 3rd
Welcome Party
Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Friday November 4th
Mares, all modalities
Time: 6 PM
Location: Villa Floralina

Saturday November 5th
Stallions & Gelding, all modalities
Beginner Youth Riders
Time: 5 PM
Location: Villa Floralina

Sunday November 6th
Youth riders 4-24 years
Time: 2 PM
Location: Villa Floralina


Results Mundial Felix Santiago Oliver

From July 18th to the 24th Team Aruba was in Puerto Rico for the Youth Mundial in Paso Fino Equitation. On the 18th, 19th and 20th there were team practices, where the riders could get to know their horses and train in the competition arena.

On the 20th there was the opening ceremony where Team Aruba looked spectacular thanks to Zara and the Phoenix Group.

On the 21st and 22nd there were competitions for all riders up until 11 years of age, as Team Aruba only had riders 12 and older, they participated on the 23rd and 24th.

On Saturday the 23rd in the category of female riders 12-14 years, Aruba had three participants, Genesis Pietersz, Aaliyah Acosta, and Elizabeth Johnson. While all 3 had a nice presentation, it was Elizabeth who made it to the final and after comparisons was awarded a third place.

In the category of female riders 15-17, there were 6 participants from Aruba, Nina van Romondt, Eva Pols, Noelani Figaroa, Natalia Mouawad, Zoey Arends, and Melanie Wever. It was a very tough competition, where Zoey and Melanie made it to the final, and during the last comparison Zoey had some trouble with her horse and was given the fifth place, an excelling job in her first World Championship.
Melanie in her comparison was flawless, where the judges agreed to award her to title of World Champion, which she has won now for the third consecutive time in the World Championships.








In the following category Shayna Werleman did not make it through despite an excellent presentation.
In the final category of the night, female riders 21-24, Alina Mansur and Caitlin Ras were battling tough competitors, where Alina was able to make it through and was awarded a fourth place for her performance.








The following day, in the male riders 15-17 years, Rodgerson Ras and Gianluca Curiel made their debut in their first ever World Championship, where veteran Willem Werleman once again gave an excelling performance, earning himself a bronze medal and second place.

In 18-20 Dwayne Chirino gave a nice performance, however did not make it to the final.
In the last category Harold Zuleta and Mark Bruin had stiff competition, Mark had some trouble with his mount, and Harold had a very nice workoff, however neither made it to the final.
Overall, it was a good presentation by Team Aruba, where the team compromised of veterans and first timers were able to show the quality Aruba has.
A thank you to all who helped and made this possible!


Team Aruba ready for Mundial!

Team Aruba has been hard at work for the past few months in preparation for the Youth World Championships of Paso Fino Equitation.

From July 21st to 24th Team Aruba will be competing against different countries such as Curacao, Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, and Venezuela for the title of World Champion in the various age categories.

Trained by Head Coach Gino Werleman, the team had their last group training on July 2nd at Villa Floralina.

The team is travelling this week to Puerto Rico in preparation of the competitions.

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