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The “Organisacion Caballista Arubano” or OCA is a non-profit organisation, founded to represent the interests of Aruba’s horsemen and the Paso Fino breed. We organize competitions, trail rides and promote the Paso Fino breed.

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Organizacion Caballista Arubano, OCA, is a member of Confepaso, the international body representing the Paso horse breed. OCA is represented by a board which can consist of 5 up to 9 persons, elected for a three-year term, with the next election taking place in 2016.  Yearly member meetings are held, with the presentation of the financial statements, and a summary of activities held during the preceding year.
OCA offers the following type of memberships:

  • Youth Members
  • General Members- Horse owners
  • General Members- Non-horse owners
  • Honorary Members

OCA is funded through membership contributions, subsidies received from Aruba Sport Unie (ASU), donations, fundraisers, and bar sales during competitions.



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News & Events

Over the weekend of 19th and 20th of March, OCA held the “Feria Himno & Bandera 2016″ at Villa Floralina.
The first day results follow below:

Mejor Yegua de Paseo Paso Fino: Sensacion del Campo
Mejor Caballo de Paseo Paso Fino: Canelo de Guadalupe

Mejor Caballo Castrado Paso Fino: Aramis

Gran Campeona Yeguas de Trote y Galope: Troya de Villa Floralina
Gran Campeona Reservada Yeguas de Trote y Galope: Renata

Gran Campeona Yeguas de Trocha: Teoria de la Luisa
Gran Campeona Reservada Yeguas de Trocha: Bienvenida
Gran Campeon Caballos de Trocha: Sonado de Don Mateo
Gran Campeon Reservado Caballos de Trocha: Capitan del Eden

Gran Campeona Yeguas de Paso Fino: Hechizada
Gran Campeona Reservada Yeguas de Paso Fino: Polvora de los Reyes
Gran Campeon Caballos de Paso Fino: Davinci de los Reyes
Gran Campeon Reservado Caballos de Paso Fino: Magico

Mejor Criador: Villa Floralina
Mejor Expositor: Villa Floralina
Mejor Montador: Dairo Jimenez

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Latest Blog

Read up on the changes in the board of OCA, Interpaso Aruba and Inter Curacao results and more in the lastest edition of NotiOCA

NotiOCA Volume 3 Issue 6

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